Utstillingskritikker: Orkdal Hundeklubb, 09.11.13

Orkdal Hundeklubb, 09.11.13
Dommer: Irina Poletaeva

Åpen klasse hann

Dali’s Royal Flush In Vegas NO34179/10

Masculine enough, excellent proportions, correct shape of head, scissor bite. Good ears, excellent topline and tail. Enough fore chest, very well angels sound movement. Dark markings very rich in color. A bit high on rear legs. Typical coat and texture. Enough long for the age. Excellent temperament.

Kval E Konk 1 Ck Cert 1bhk BIR

Champion klasse hann

Elissard Bard Av Jordwik NO51951/10

Masculine well balanced, good head proportions, scissor bite, shape of eyes and expression could be better. Could have better ears carriage, good neck, good topline, excellent tailset, good chest, a bit loose at elbows, at chest not strong enough. Good movement, color and coat texture, could be better, good temperament and presentation.

Kval E Konk 1

Richy Rich Of Joranza SPKP7041

Lovely male, excellent bones, excellent proportions, correct shape of head, unfortunately shoing tounge, could have better in scissor placement and more correct bite. Excellent ears, lovely expression. Good neck, good topline, excellent chest, well angulated, good movement, typical coat, correct tan markings. Price given because of a bit incorrect inscissors placement

Kval VG

Unghund klasse tispe

Carmen Av Frost Arven NO37569/12

Very good type, very feminine. Could have better head proportion and typical expressions. Roundish ees, scissors bite, good neck, a bit roach back, short sternum, a bit loose at elbows, correct angulations, could show more drive in movement, good markings not ready in color.

Kval VG

Åpen klasse tispe

Henceforth’s Check Yes Or No NO44780/11

Very good type, a bit short nuzzle, round eyes, scissors bite, good neck, soft back to sloping croup (?), short ribcage, enough angulation, could show more temperament and better movement. Good coat and markings.

Kval VG


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