Utstillingskritikker: Norsk Kennel Klubb 06.04.13

Norsk Kennel Klub Bergen 06.04.13
Dommer: Janusz Opara

Junior klasse hannhund

LSVKYT2605/11 Champion Tai Genijus

Lovely size and body balance. Very typical head. A bit big ears. Good expression. Firm ? head. Lovely brisk and movement. Promising silky coat. Good temperament.

Kval. Exl Konk.2

NO43439/12 Yorkinds Schera Trønderbart

Correct size. A bit long in loins. Sound quarters, well used on th move. Very pretty head. Small ears. Great expression. Very promising coat. Friendly

Kval.exl Konk.1 CK Res.CERT BHK 3

Åpen klasse hannhund

VDH/DYC20689 Daddy Cool Of Bregadoon

A bit bigger ears. Ok expression. Quit short coupled. Like a bit more hind angulations. Moves well. Coat very light in color, rather silver than blue. Not even color on body. Nice temperament.

Kval. V Konk.1

Champion klasse hannhund

LOE1993743 Passarela Bach

Lovely size and body balance. Masculin head. A bit bigger ears. A shade short neck. Moves briskly. Fabulous coat in full bloom. Great showmanship.

Kval.exl Konk.2 CK BHK2 Res.CACIB

LSVKYT2438/11 Dzheus Mr.Hollywood

Perfectly shaped body. Just a copy-book head and expression. So is the coat in silky texture and fabulous colors. Moves perfectly. Super attitude and handling.

Kval.exl Konk.1 CK CERT BHK1 CACIB BIR

Junior klasse tispe

LV27973/12 Sharmnatans Revolutionary Style

Lovely size and  angulation. Good body frame. Well prop. head. Great expression. Firm back. Substansion body matching any. Very sound movement. Silky coat. Promising colors. Great temperament.

Kval.exl Konk.1 CK CERT BTK1 BIM

Åpen klasse tispe

NO41739/10 Bueno Angel Face

Bit plain head. Bigger ears. Short neck. Moves well, but too low headcarriage. Promising coat. Friendly.

Kval V Konk.1





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